Why Pineapples?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The story behind Pineapple Girl Productions, what exactly we do, and what in the heck a "freelance collective" is!

Who We Are & What We Do!

"Do you sell pineapples?" No, but that would be pretty cool! We are Pineapple Girl Productions- a milti-media production agency. "Well, what dose that mean?" Great question! Being a multi-media production agency means that we have a lot of irons in the fire- just the way we like it! We primarily focus in marketing, photography, events, graphic design and management. In todays busy and ever changing world we want to make sure you, your business, or product are ahead of the curve. We aim to act as a one stop shop for all things marketing; this way you don't have to go to multiple businesses for photography, graphic design, and social media management- just come to us. It saves time and it saves you money!

What is a "Freelance Collective"?

The Second component to PGP is that we are a freelance collective. All the people who work at PGP from the models to the managers, are freelancers! We want to be able to provide hard workers (especially in creative fields) the chance to build a professional portfolio and gain professional work experience. Each of our freelancers has their own unique style, which means that we have lots of options for our clients projects! While we might all be freelancers, we all work together under to PGP brand to give our clients the best project in a timely, and cost effective manner.

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