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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

When a company is all online, is nowhere their office, or is everywhere their office?

All Digital, All the Time

We don't have an office! No, we're not looking for one, we didn't get kicked out of one, and (believe it or not) we don't really want one. There is a running joke in the PGP team that the only thing we'd use an office space for is to talk by the water cooler! With all the amazing technology our team is more connected than ever! This really makes ya think, do companies whose work is primarily digital really need a physical office?

The Beach is My Office

There have been countless studies done that show workers who have the ability to work remotely, or from home are happier and more productive. Working remotely gives employees more autonomy, and allows them to allocate their time and effort to their work. It also makes for an amazing work/life balance. The world is your office!

Yeah, But You Need an Office for....

We've heard it all. "What about meetings with clients?" Make it easy on them and meet at their place of work. Or better yet, show them what your local community has to offer and take them to your favorite cafe! "Where will you put all your stuff?" Storage facilities are a great place to store shared equipment, and having an automated checkout system makes sure everything is in place. "What about big team meetings or events?" There are so many alternatives to an office building. If you need to have a team meeting or event, host it at a rentable office space like We Work. If you only ever use your office for the corporate holiday party, just rent it and save on rent for the rest of the year!

For more about remote workers check out this great article here!

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