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Lee Mogren

Photography, Events, Management, Model

As a natural born go-getter, my passion has continuously driven me to expand my knowledge, and experience. With a strong background and diverse skill set, I’m confident in the creative ideas and successful solutions I bring to the table. I want to make clients feel comfortable and confident in themselves through photography, and support them with all my available resources.


Ken Phillips

Photography, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Model

My diverse skill set and experience are nothing compared to the passion I have for photography. As with any project I am assigned, I put my all into it and make sure it turns out not only the way I want it, but, more importantly, the way the client wants it. I want my photos to tell a story and, I want my clients to feel like the models they are.


Josh Gauyo

Photography, Marketing, Events, Model

I want people to feel they got what they were looking for after working with me. I use my expertise and passion to cultivate an environment where the client feels more like a partner than a customer. If I can make someone happy with their experience, as well as their photos, then I've done my job right.


Addy Brennan

The Real Life Pineapple Girl

Throughout my life, I’ve approached every challenge with enthusiasm, creativity, and ceaseless desire to achieve success. This passion and drive have paved the way to countless opportunities, unique experiences and exceptional relationships both personally and professionally. If you’re interested in learning more about me, keep reading or get in touch.


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