What We Do

Pineapple Girl Productions is a multi media company focusing in marketing, photography, graphic design, management, and events. 

However, no matter what the project our focus is always on YOU! We want to not only give you a fantastic final project, but we want to give you a memorable and positive experience along the way.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make the marketing process easier for our clients. Weather they are marketing themselves and need a high quality, professional headshot, or marketing their business and need help establishing a successful brand- Pineapple Girl Productions is here to provide our expertise services at a competitive price.


Why Pineapples?

Not only are Pineapples a symbol of good luck and welcoming, but they are Addy's favorite fruit! However, in an ironic twist, she is also very allergic to them. While working as a Summer Orientation Leader at Becker College, the incoming students remembered that story more than her name, so was born the nickname "Pineapple Girl".

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Like what you see?

If you have any questions or would like to contact us for a price quote, or to start a project please send us a message!



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