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Seth Godin

"All marketers are story tellers"


Packing the Pineapple Punch

Our goal at Pineapple Girl Productions is your goal. It sounds simple, but whatever your marketing goals are we want to help you reach them. With the strategic, fresh, focused, and dedicated work, we want to tell your story. We want to tell it in an effective, authentic way that gets your business out to the world.


Freedom of the Freelancer

One of our points of pride are the creative minds that make up our fantastic team! We utilize freelancers from Worcester, MA to not only capture the Worcester voice in our clients work, but we also aim to close the "Experience Gap" many students face post-graduation. What is the "Experience Gap"? Many recent grads, especially in creative fields, face the statement "I'm sorry you don't have enough experience for this position". How can someone get experience, without getting a job to gain said experience? At Pineapple Girl Productions we give students in creative fields the chance to work on professional projects to build their portfolios. This not only streamlines the marketing process for our clients, but hopefully it can help students find their dream jobs.


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